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Genius Visionary Inc.

Welcome to Genius Visionary Inc., your source for FAST CASH...When You Need It Most! 

At Genius Visionary Inc., we are buyers of mortgage note contracts and annuity-styled payment streams.  If you are in need of FAST CASH and are considering the sale of a (an)...

...we can assist you in getting the cash you need and deserve in as short a time as possible.  Additionally, our expertise Inc.ludes advances of cash upon other types of  pending legal obligations Inc.luding inheritance advances and legal settlement advances.

What we purchase.

Our experienced contract buyers can also provide you with many "FAST CASH" payment options Inc.luding a full LUMP SUM purchase, a purchase of a portion of the remaining balance of your note or obligation, or even the purchase of a set number of future payments providing you with the exact amount of FAST CASH your require.

Want to find out more?  We can provide you with a "confidential evaluation" and conditional quotation on your mortgage note, structured settlement, gaming award, or any similar cash flow within 24-48 hours of submission.